writing, making stuff, and writing about making stuff


paying attention to your dreams

first, consider them valuable. why would they visit you if you don’t care about them, have an interest in them, seek them out?

second, attend to them in whatever ways you can: write them down, draw them, make notes, grasp whatever you can, even if it seems weird, scary, too little, too late. if you only get a little piece, well perhaps that’s what you are supposed to get.

then, work on them. write them down. write them again. rewrite, notate, discuss in your journal.

in this process, be careful how much you share with others. sometimes sharing is good and helpful; sometimes images want to be shared. other times, it opens the container too soon.

finally, do something based on your images. take an action, no matter how small, even if you don’t know if it’s the right thing. it tells the dream you saw the image and it touched you. it changes what’s on the other side, where the dreams come from.



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